Skeppshult Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware from Sweden

Skeppshult’s pans are seasoned with high quality vegetable oil in the factory and delivered ready for use. In addition, the surface consists only of natural ingredients, which provides two other advantages; the surface is coated with oil which prevents food from sticking, and only gets better with use, and since the cast iron is only seasoned and not enameled or coated, your food will absorb iron, a mineral that does the body good in a time of common iron deficiency.

All of Skeppshult’s pans are thicker than other manufacturers, and have a 5 mm thick base that ensures an even heat distribution. Skeppshult’s cast iron can withstand very high temperatures. The bottom of the pans are turned concave to compensate for metal expansion when heated and thus do not round on the bottom.

A unique feature of the Skeppshult and with Beechwood or Walnut wood handles is although you can heat the pans to a very high temperature, the wood handles do not conduct heat, and therefore you can pick up the pan by the wood handle with a bare hand. Skeppshult cast iron works on all heat sources, including induction. Based on these features, we feel confident enough to offer 25 years of cast iron guarantee.

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