Cottage Mills®

The Original Tree Branch Salt & Pepper Mills.

To see a video on how to use your Cottage Mill® properly, click here:

Cottage Mill® Instructions Video.

An original and copyrighted idea I came up with in 2005, my Cottage Mills® are now sitting on tables and used in restaurants all over the world.

Naturally fallen tree branches, brought back to my home based studio, and put through a 23 step process, including installing a mechanism with a 25 year guarantee on the ceramic grinding parts, my Cottage Mills® are the most environmentally friendly mills on the planet.

CrushGrind® Inside!

The original mechanisms we used were top quality. As with most products, new ideas, designs, technologies, and materials develop, and recently a new mechanism has emerged as the best in the world: CrushGrind®.

What's great about these mechanisms is not only the 25 year guarantee on the ceramic parts, but since they are ceramic, and adjustable, they can be filled with anything that can be ground. Peppercorns, rock salt, fennel, any grind-able spice is no match for these mechanisms. Now, the most environmentally friendly grinder on the planet have the most flexible and highest quality mechanism available.

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