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Skeppshult 28 cm Grill Pan with Walnut Handle

Skeppshult 28 cm Grill Pan with Walnut Handle

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The Skeppshult 28 cm Grill Pan is perfect for use when cooking inside is a necessity, but you want that perfect barbeque grill mark look. Steaks, chicken breasts, and pork tenderloin are perfect for these pans. Remember, presentation is everything!

Pre conditioned, so ready to use after a quick rinse, with a heat isolating Walnut handle, a "helper lip" for 2 hand holding, and a cast iron eyelet for hanging.

All cast iron cookware is of the highest quality, come pre-conditioned, and have a 25-year warranty. 

  • Nonstick coating
  • Works on all cooking surfaces and open fires
  • Distributes & stores heat evenly
  • Cast iron helper handle for 2 handed handling
  • Concave bottom eliminates rocking when hot
  • 25 year guarantee